John is a being of terror, and will stop at nothing to take over and enslave the world . . . even if it comes down to nuking the Earth. His partner in crime is the Jimmy, who is also a being of terror, but he has some logic, so he will not nuke the Earth to take it over. He will just make sure that people will obay him and John, using hypnosis and other methods of convincing. That or mass torture. Somewhat similar to a concentration camp, just nobody knows about them, and the few people like me who know about it do not know where it is. Well, in terms of what does John look like, he is a dark, mysterious figure who has a dagger that he doesn't even use. The dagger is just for the asthetic. He wears a dark cloak with inside pockets. In the inside pockets, he houses a lot of kidnapping tools and weaponry. He always carries what he calls a "Strangle Dangle Chain", in which, as the name implies, he uses to strangle people. He is also a shapeshifter, so there is no known image of what he looks like.